Dr A Ross

Dr A Ross



Dr Andrew Ross



 +27 (0)31 260 2708




Howard College

Research Interests



Principal Specialist and Senior lecturer


I am currently working in the Family Medicine department as a Principal Specialist in Family Medicine. I am responsible for coordinating the post graduate MMed (Family Medicine) registrar training program and the final year Family Medicine seven week block. I am registered for a PhD through the Department of Education and will be looking at “The educational journey of rural origin health care professionals”. I have a research interest in rural health care delivery.

Previous experience

Name of hospital:                                St Mary’s Hospital & Department of Rural Health,

                                                           Nelson Mandela School of Medicine

Post:                                                    Principal Medical Officer

                                                            February 2003- September 2003


Name of hospital:                                 Mosvold Hospital

Post:                                                     Medical Superintendent

                                                            June 1997 – Dec 2002


Name of hospital:                  Mosvold Hospital

Position held:                        Senior – Principal Medical Officer

                                              Jan 1990 – June 1997

                                              * Acting Medical Superintendent Aug 1992-May 1995

                                              * Community Medical officer Jan 1996- June 1997

                                              * Regional AIDS Co-ordinator – Region E – May 1996 – June 1997




Name of Hospital:                              Conradie Hospital       (August 1989-December 1989)

Position held                                       Senior Medical officer – initially in OPD and then in General surgery


Name of hospital:                               Khayelitsha day hospital (Feb 1999- July 1999)

Position held                                      Senior Medical officer  


Name of Hospital:                              Red Cross Hospital       (July 1988-January 1889)

Position held                                      Senior Medical officer in paediatrics


Name of Hospital:                              Baragwanath hospital (Jan – June 1988)

Position held                                      Senior Medical officer in Department of Medicine


Name of Hospital:                              Bethal Hospital, Bethal (Jan –December 1987)

Position held:                                     Medical officer


Name of Hospital:                              Coronation Hospital (Jan-Dec 1986)

Position held:                                     Intern (4 months in medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics and gynaecology)




  • Recipient – Public sector innovation award 2013
  • Top 20 research publication output at UKZN
  • Winner Sunday Times Johnny Walker Nations greatest individual award 2013.
  • Lead SA Hero’ July 2013
  • Innovation Scholarship scheme for rural students to train as health professionals. Currently 132 graduates and 192 in the pipeline
  • All Africa public sector innovation awards                  October 2008
  • Impumelelo platinium award              May 2008
  • Discovery excellence award – June 2007 for the work being done with the scholarship scheme in Ingwavuma
  • Impumelelo Award (February 2003) for work done with the Scholarship scheme in Ingwavuma
  • Premiers Good Governance Award (November 2002) for work done with the Scholarship scheme in Ingwavuma
  • Finalist in the Investing in the Future awards (2001) for the work done with the locally based scholarship scheme
  • Finalist in the 1999 Impumelelo Awards programme for work done with the Ingqalabutho sanitation programme
  • Co-ordinated a sanitation program that oversaw the construction of more that 2000 VIP toilets in the Mosvold subdistrict (1996 – 2001)
  • 1996-2001 Developed a post graduate vocational training programme and an anaesthetic training programme at Mosvold Hospital, in conjunction with Ngwelezana Hospital and the other hospitals in the Umkhanyakude District
  • Co-ordinated the KwaZulu Government nutrition projects in Ingwavuma 1993-1994
  • Successfully applied for IDT funding for community projects (drought relief funding) 1995


 Special Appointments:


  • Hospital Inspector for the intern subcommittee of the HPCSA since 2003
  • External examiner for Family Medicine final year students at MEDUNSA, Walter Sisulu University, and UCT
  • Co-ordinator of the University of Pretoria 6th year obstetric block at Mosvold Hospital
  • Member of the District Finance committee (2002- 2002)
  • Member of the District Human Resource Development committee (2001- 2002)
  • Founder, Executive director and Co-ordinator of Friends of Mosvold Scholarship Scheme. Established in 1998 this scheme aims to train local students as health professional for Mosvold Hospital. Currently this scholarship scheme is supporting 180 students across 14 health disciplines.
  • Co-ordinator of the Ingqalabutho Sanitation programme 1998- 2000 – responsible for the construction of 2500 VIP toilets in the Mosvold subdistrict  (total cost of project R 2 500 000.00)
  • Co-ordinator of the Rural Health Initiative project at Mosvold Hospital (1998- 2002)
  • Regional AIDS co-ordinator Region E. May 1996-June 1997
  • 1995. Founded the Friends of Mosvold Trust- To raise funds for Health development in the Mosvold Subdistrict. Over the last 7 years funds have been raised for: vehicles for the Community health Worker facilitators, the Community based rehabilitation programme, under 5 immunization team, AIDS team, accommodation for nurses at Manyiseni clinic, AIDS programmes –CHW training, school education programmes, Kwasihambi AIDS education and feeding programme

Present outside interests:                                              Reading, Walking

Membership of professional bodies:                            Health Professional Council of SA

                                                                                    Medical Protection Society

                                                                                    Academy of Family Practice

                                                                                    Rural Doctors Associations


Founder member                                                         Friends of Mosvold Trust 1995

Trustee FOM                                                                1995- 2001, 2008 – currently


Founder member                                                         Friends of Mosvold scholarship scheme 1998

Principle fund raiser FOM SS                                      1998 – 2008


Currently supervising a number of postgraduate masters research projects and working towards a PhD protocol.

Researchgate Profile

List of Publications

  • Ross A, Mash B. African primary care research: Reviewing the literature. Afr J Prm Health Care Fam Med. 2014;6(1)Art.584, 4 pages. http://dx.doi.org.10.4102/phcfm.v6i1.584
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