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College of Health Sciences Launches Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine

2016/03/04 08:36:34 AM

Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine launched at UKZN.

Dr Ruben Naidoo welcomes Postgraduates in Family Medicine. 
UKZN’s College of Health Sciences has launched a Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine designed and developed to enable working General Practitioners to expand their knowledge and skills in the field.

Co-ordinated by UKZN Lecturer and Senior Specialist in Family Medicine, Dr Clive Rangiah, the programme aims to enhance the quality of general practice by giving doctors the knowledge and skills to fulfil their roles as competent clinicians, change agents, collaborative clinicians, capability builders, critical thinkers and community advocates in the future South African Primary Health Care System.

‘Using the philosophies and principles of Family Medicine, the programme enables doctors to comprehensively manage common obstetric, paediatric, medical, surgical and psychiatric conditions, as well as emergencies and conditions that present initially as undifferentiated problems,’ Rangiah said.

He said the diploma would serve to consolidate and deepen a doctor’s understanding of theoretical concepts and mastery of essential generalist skills.

The programme was launched involving 10 students from all parts of KwaZulu-Natal. Rangiah said he believed numbers would increase significantly in the future with Primary Health Care becoming the dominant focus of health services.

‘The programme is a national diploma developed in partnership with all nine medical schools in the country. UKZN is the first to pioneer this diploma with a very strong focus on Primary Health Care.  The accreditation process with CHE and SAQA is lengthy and at times frustrating but well worth the effort.’

The outcomes of this diploma are expected to go beyond the mere improvement of knowledge and skills.  ‘It is envisaged that doctors will progress to positions as leaders and advocates in the communities they work in,’ he explained.

He said doctors working in private and the public sectors who were not able to leave their practice were given the opportunity to use their workplace as a centre of learning through the guidance and supervision of the academics.

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